1. In all cases you must deliver to us the full amount of the funds you are exchanging, we do not take margin deposits.
  2. We can provide general information in relation to how investment plan works, but please note that any information contained in this document does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation and needs. Please note that before entering into any investment plan you should exercise your own judgment and obtain independent financial advice to understand the possible outcomes and risks for you. Also, whilst the information in this document is compiled from sources we believe to be reliable, we can’t represent or warrant, whether expressly or impliedly, its accuracy, timeliness or validity.
  3. You should be aware that there are always risks and potential limitations. A person considering investment plan might consider for example risks associated with internet/ electronic network usage, execution delay, the fluctuation in exchange rates soon after you lock in a rate, and counterparty/ credit risk (or the risk that we become insolvent and are unable to deliver the agreed amount of foreign currency to your designated beneficiary account at the agreed time).
  4. The document is not intended for distribution or use in any jurisdiction where such would be contrary to the applicable legal or regulatory requirements.